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Different Styles of Sheds and Shed Plans Available on the Internet

My friends custom built cedar shed - small but handy

Building a shed has become one of the necessary and favorite pastimes of many rural and urban property owners and if you are interested in building a specific shed, you may want a bit of information regarding the different plans available for sheds.

There are a lot of different kinds plans for wooden sheds that you can download and purchase on the Internet. There are even free shed plans available that you can download in a PDF document or view on the actual site. The purchased plans may provide more information and detailed drawings, so it is a good idea to check both.

Free plans are great because you can check things out and see if they are what you need. You may not use them in the end, but they will probably give you some information for your outdoor project. And they are free, so you have nothing to loose. Another good source of free storage shed plans is your library. There are usually a few good books with plans and tips on building garden structures.

Regardless of which plans you use, it is a good idea to know which kind of shed you want for your backyard or garden before you get started. This is where the fun research comes in to determine what looks good in the location you have chosen and what will you be placing inside your shed.

To give you some ideas, here is a list of six different styles of outdoor sheds and and one greenhouse. The list also includes a brief description of each storage shed to help you pick the correct one for your outdoor location and needs.

Gable Shed: For the most part, gable sheds are sheds that are used for basic storage and for all-purpose sheds that are not intended for any specific use. Gable roofs are very nice looking, and gable sheds are generally inexpensive to construct.

Garden Shed: Garden sheds are sheds that, for the most part are easy sheds to construct because a simple wood finish is good enough for the shed’s contents. Most garden shed plans will have sections that are closed off so that you can either use them as potting benches or alternatively as storage areas for different garden tools.

Putter Shed: A putter shed is a shed that is built in an outdoor area if you are looking for a way to increase storage outdoors. This is not a shed that is generally attached to the house or to a garage like a garden shed typically is, but rather a shed that is out in the open to allow you to store things outside.

Multi-purpose Shed: This is really a nondescript category since multi-purpose sheds could theoretically have many different divisions for different tasks, but a good example of a multi-purpose shed would be a 2-in-1 extension shed. The normal part of the shed could be used for general purpose storage and the open extension on the shed could be used for something like firewood storage.

Drive-thru Shed: Drive-thru sheds are exactly what the name implies. These are sheds that are constructed with some specific vehicle in mind; usually either a mobile lawnmower that is driven or a snow blower of the same kind. The shed needs to be large enough that the vehicle can be driven into the shed without disturbing any of the storage facilities within the structure.

Barn Style Shed: The barn is the original shed; the large structure that was used for storing crops and other things that were regularly procured from farms and some barns were even used to store livestock and still are used like that today. Barns are extremely useful as large outdoor structures.

Greenhouse: Last, but certainly not least, is the greenhouse. This is a type of shed that has been around for a very long time as well and while many people would not think of a greenhouse as a shed, you will find that most greenhouses are constructed in exactly the same manner as sheds with one big difference; the walls are made of transparent substances that serve to keep the greenhouse hot and therefore help plants growing within the structure.

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