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Garden Trellis Kits

The humble trellis has come a long way

The humble garden trellis comes in so many variations these days that you'll be hard pressed to find a trellis style or size that won't fit your garden space.

Although they're designed for climbing plants, some trellises look good all on their own as decorative sculpture.

Trellises have many uses. They are great for adding an eye catching affect in your garden. But they can also provide privacy and screening.

The nice thing about a trellis if it is not enough privacy you can add a climbing plant our other feature to provide more of a screen.

And a trellis kit can make the installation job a lot easier.

If your deck is raised a few feet you can use a trellis to provide a screen and also keep rodents out. If you install a trellis under your deck it looks nice and can blend in with your wooden deck. Just make sure you use similar materials or finish it the same way.

Most Popular Decorative Trellis Kits

3 Bell Metal trellis

Palladine trellis

Wood obelisk

Villa trellis


Cottage trellis


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