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Unique Garden Sheds and Backyard Storage Buildings

Save time by buying a pre-cut and pre-drilled shed kit

There are three major ways to build a wood shed: use plans, buy a kit, buy a fully assembled shed. If you want to install a metal or vinyl shed you will be looking at kits or fully assembled sheds.

No matter what kind of shed you want to build you can find all three types on the Internet. If you are skilled and handy with a hammer and saw you can probably use plans.

If you are short for time, you may want to look at using a kit or a fully assembled shed.

There is a wide variety of kits available from the simple lean-to, to barn style and cottage style garden sheds.

Home Depot has a great selection of shed kits

6 Things to Know Before Purchasing an Outdoor Shed

Here's a list of the top things you need to before you purchase a shed kit:

  1. How much space do you need to store all of your stuff?
  2. What size of a shed do you want? - this is similar to number 1, but you can have an 8 x 10 shed or a 10 x 8, basically where does the door go?
  3. Make sure your yard or garden has enough room for your shed.
  4. What style of shed do you want? - there is a wide variety of shed styles: barn, gable, hip, etc..
  5. What material do you want the shed to be made of? - wood is the classic, but you can also get metal and vinyl storage shed kits.
  6. What features do you want it your shed? - Windows, double doors, potting bench.

To simplify construction, backyard storage buildings in every style can be purchased as shed kits, in which the lumber is pre-cut and pre-drilled, and in some cases partially assembled. All you do is supply the effort.

Shed Plans

If you are looking for more of a challenge and want to save some money too, you should considering building your own shed from scratch using shed plans.

There are a lot of plans available on the Internet for download. You can download free shed plans or purchase inexpensive plans on the Internet. We even recommend a few plans here - garden shed plans.

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