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How to Select The Perfect Storage Shed Building Plans

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Storage sheds are useful additions to your backyard. A good storage shed will be functional, sturdy, and attractive. If you have some knowledge of construction or have good friends that do, this is a project you can do.

Storage shed building plans are a great starting point. They save you time and energy by outlining the construction details and the step-by-step plan for building your shed. This provides you with a straightforward plan that is uncomplicated and easy to complete.

Starting out, you need to decide the purpose of your shed. You can have several purposes for one shed just think them through before you purchase your shed plans. Here are a few things questions to ask when selecting your building plans:

  • What are you using your storage shed for?
  • What types of things are you going to be keeping in your shed?
  • Will your shed be for lawn and gardening equipment only?
  • Does your shed need to be waterproof or can it be open air?

Answering these questions will help you determine the size of shed you need, as well as materials, location, and other factors.

You should also determine where you plan to situate the shed. Try to select a location that is good for your intended use. If you are storing your lawn and garden equipment you want it easy to get things out.

Also consider the layout of your yard – including selecting an area which would lend itself well as a shed site. Similarly, assess your shed’s foundation. Avoid areas where water may collect and seek out a flat, solid spot to lay the foundation. if you need to guarantee your shed’s floor is absolutely flat you may need a concrete pad. But remember if you ever need to move your shed, you’d be left with a concrete pad to deal with.

Other foundation options include posts, pier blocks, or skids. Your shed plan will tell you which foundation works best with your shed, but you also need to take in to account the area it will be built on.

There are many shed styles available including:

  • Gable and hip roof plans refer to the style of roof for your shed and they can have varying degree of steepness.
  • Barn style shed plans add a useful and decorative touch to resemble a barn. Barns work well in rural setting and in country chic decor.
  • Cottage or cabin shed designs resemble miniature cottages or cabins and have a unique and attractive look. A cabin style of plan will have a more rustic look than a cottage.
  • Potting or garden shed has a classic look but it is designed to be functional and also provide storing for all of your equipment. It might have a bench for working on your plants and keeping your tools in fine shape.
  • Lean-to style is another option if you are worried about protected your shed from the weather. The advantage of a lean-to style is they can be either freestanding or attached to a barn, your house, or any other existing building.

As you can see, there are many styles available to pick and choose from. You can go with a style that is similar to your house and surroundings are something that is more functional or something you have always dreamed about. If you are new to an area you might want to ask a neighbor about they choice of sheds.

When searching the Internet or local stores what should you look for in a good set of wood shed plans? Here's a few things that should be included:

  • Blueprint or plans of the walls, roof and foundation
  • Complete list of materials
  • Detailed instructions on how to install the siding, windows and doors and roof.
  • Door and window framing details
  • Information on wood and concrete foundations

Once you get an idea of what kind of shed works best for you and fits in with your backyard, you can now look for a shed plan to meet all your needs.

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