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Pros And Cons Of Using Free Shed Plans

Top down view of a 14 x 10 shed plan

Are you considering using free shed plans but are not sure if this is the right decision to make?

Then you need to know the pros and cons of using free plans to help you decide if the free ones are what you want to use.

Or if you should purchase plans online that will provide you with the exact shed you are looking for.

Let’s start by looking at the pros of using free plans.


1. Free – This is the main pro because you don’t have to pay anything for these types of plans. For many people trying the free plans is the best option because there is not always money to spend on plans.

If this sounds like you then getting a start on your shed with free plans is good but be prepared to run into some of the cons with the plans you use.

2. Available immediately – You don’t have to wait on these plans because they are instantly available for downloading. Many people want to get started right away on building their shed and the free plans definitely give you that option.

3. Use more than one – When you are using free plans you can download more than one plan to compare them and find the one that provides the most information. Since they are free this gives you the best option for ensuring that you will have information to get the shed completed.

Now you need to know the cons for using free plans.


1. Lack important details – Most of the free plans that you find will only have basic details but won’t give you any extensive details that may be needed to complete your shed.

If you are new to building sheds then this can leave you very frustrated and easily confused. If you want to get your shed built right then you have to have storage shed plans that are as complete as they can be.

The more details the plan has the easier it is to build your shed right from the start. Purchasing plans online for this reason is usually the best choice because plans that you pay for will definitely have more details to help you complete the job easier even if you have never built a shed before.

2. Information is not always accurate – When you are dealing with free storage shed plans there are many of them that won’t have accurate information, but will instead provide information that is outdated or useless.

By purchasing plans you will be sure that the plans are accurate because if they are not then the person that sold them to you will have a lot of unhappy customers. Accuracy is definitely a must if you want to get your shed built right.

3. May need more than one – This can be a pro or a con, depending on how you look at it. Most people only want to deal with one set of plans but using the free ones may require you to use more than one so you can get the most accurate details possible to get the shed finished right.

Piecing plans together may be the only way to get the shed done right unless you want to purchase plans that are already complete enough to provide you with all the steps needed to get it done.

Now that you know the pros and cons of using free shed plans to build the shed you need; you need to take time to decide if you want to take a chance with the free plans or if you want to do the smart thing and purchase plans online so you can be sure the shed is completed right and that it is sturdy and will last a long time.

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