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Use Arbor Plans to Build Your Next Wood Arbor

Painted arbor gate at the entry of a cute house

Arbors provide a functional and beautiful addition to any yard. They are a great way to highlight and emphasize a particular spot of the yard. Cedar arbors provide a focal point by marking an entryway or indicating a garden path. They also provide a visual divide between one area of your yard and another.

You can also create a cozy outdoor seating area by choosing plans for arbors that include a bench. Hang banners, birdfeeders, wind chimes, or let flowers twine up and around the arbor’s arch. Or, let the elegant beauty of an unadorned arbor make a sophisticated, bold statement.

Whatever style you choose, wood arbors can be a great do-it-yourself project you can build on your own. Design a plan or, better yet, use a ready-to-go plan. Some plans are available for a nominal cost and many plans are free. This is a great way to go if you don’t have a great deal of carpentry design experience – or, if your time is limited. Ready-made plans are a great way to find reliable and attractive arbor designs. And, there are so many different types of arbor plans available, you can easily find a plan that works for your garden or lawn needs.

To choose a plan, think about where it will go in your yard. What purpose will your arbor have in your yard? Are you showcasing a front door or walkway or are you growing grapes? Do you need a beautiful arch to hold some trailing vines? Consider how you plan to use your arch.

Also think about the material you’d like to use on your arch. Many plans are available that provide directions and assembly of arbors made of wood, iron, or even vinyl. Wood is a versatile material that goes well with any design theme – from a rustic country garden to a Zen-inspired Asian influenced retreat. Vinyl is sturdy and weather resistant, while iron or other metals are undeniably strong and attractive.

Check out different arbor plans to determine which plan works best in your garden, and which plan is one that you want to take on. Many plans are designed to be completed in a day or two – you could have a beautiful arbor in as little as a weekend.

When selecting a plan, look at the arbor style. If it would work with your lawn or garden design, consider the required materials. A good plan will clearly indicate what you will need – and many plans are also available with a complete kit that includes materials and supplies. A good plan will also estimate how long the project will take and the level of difficulty. This way, you can choose a plan that meets your needs and is right for you.

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