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All About Building Cedar Arbors

Cedar arbor with bench provides a nice place to sit in this garden

Are you looking for a way to welcome visitors to your garden? Do you want to add a special charm and elegance to your backyard? Cedar arbors are a beautiful adornment to any garden and come in every style you can think of. But what are the different types of cedar arbors and how do they compare to other arbors?

It's amazing what a simple arbor can do to dress up your lawn or garden. But if you're in the market for an arbor or two, shopping can be a bit intimidating! After all, there are so many styles available. Do you want an arch with soft, rounded curves? Do you prefer straight edges? How wide do you want the opening to be? Do you want white or brown arbors? Do you want something that has a classical appeal or looks more modern? You will have lots of decisions to make if you want a cedar arbor!

Before picking out your favorite arbor, think about your garden. This will the most important factor in the decision making process. First of all, does it have a walkway leading up to it? The measurements of your garden arbor must reflect the width of the walkway. Next – what kind of garden to you have? Is it big and ostentatious? Is it small and unassuming? What kinds of flowers and plants do you grow? What are their colors – do they change from season to season?

Once you've answered these questions, you can definitely narrow down your options for a natural arbor. Some arbors will even feature a seat, so if you plan on positioning it in the middle of your garden, these are a great buy. Some arbors are especially large and sophisticated looking, perfect for the serious gardener. Others are more humble and well-suited for smaller gardens or perhaps a yard alone. Many of these decorated arches are designed with the classic, English garden in mind so if you want your backyard to look like something from the past – then an arbor can be a brilliant addition to it.

But there are also vinyl arbors. These sturdy, white arches are very similar to cedar arbors with a few important exceptions. The vinyl material makes them extra durable, whereas cedar will turn silver grey if you don't stain it. Some people prefer this look, but I like to stain the wood with a natural look. However, vinyl arbors are also almost always white. So if you want white arches for your garden, it may make economic sense to go with vinyl. But if you would prefer the charm that only wood arches can give, you can always stain your wood garden arbor.

You might also want to consider vinyl arbors. In addition to their strength, often feature elements like extra fencing and seating. However, they are typically priced higher than their cedar counterparts. For affordability and charm, cedar arbors are a good bet but if you're looking for a garden arch that will last a lifetime, a vinyl arbor may be the right purchase for you.

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