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Arbors with a Swing Make A Great Addition To Your Garden

Garden swith attached to wooden arbor

Many garden lovers place arbors in their garden. Arbors are structures with four support columns and an arch or lattice work overhead. In many cases, the lattice work extends down the sides as well. They are great places to let climbing vines grow or to serve as passageways to different parts of the garden.

Another variation on this idea are the arbors with a swing. These are perfect as garden end pieces. While common arbors can provide archways and passages around the garden, arbors with a swing can serve as destinations for an afternoon of reading or some romantic reflection time in the evening.

Arbors are great locations to grow plants that like to climb up the side of structures. In fact, placing plants around it can enhance its beauty and make resting on the swing under its arches much more enjoyable. Plants like vine roses, wisteria, jasmine, honeysuckle, or even grapes can be placed around the arbor, thus creating the perfect area for you to spend some time communing with nature. Not to mention the flowers of these climbers smell and look great.

An arbor swing isn't too big and can easily fit in almost any garden. They usually take up anywhere from around twenty to thirty square feet of space. They also come in a variety of designs. Arbor designs can be easily matched with the other landscape elements of the garden such as the decks, chairs and tables as well as the natural features such as the hedges and the plants around the garden.

The most important thing to consider when buying arbors is the material they are made of. Keep in mind that these items are to be kept outside and are therefore exposed to the damages caused by the weather.

Vinyl arbors have the advantage of being the toughest and easiest to maintain arbors available. They are usually not affected by the weather and the effects of aging are mostly minimal. Some products come with a lifetime warranty.

Wood arbors are, of course, the most beautiful and classical. They can also last for quite a few years. Although they age, some wood types age into even more beautiful colors and textures. Cedar or Western Red Cedar is the most common wood used in arbor construction.

Metal arbors can also be beautiful, depending on the design. They are sturdy and strong and offer a vintage, English look for the garden.

In purchasing arbors with a swing, it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. Therefore, if you pay cheap, you might get the lesser quality products. High priced items will, understandably be the better choices. However, this is not always the case. Care in purchasing is very much advised.

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