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Why is Cedar Such a Good Wood for Arbors?

Painted double wide cedar arbor with gates

Normally, Western Red Cedar is used for arbors and other garden accessories. This cedar is of a dark red color, which like other cedars, turns into a silver gray tone if left untreated and kept outdoors in the sun. Cedar is extremely durable and is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage.

Because of this tough resistance, cedar is an ideal product for arbors. Cedar is also a comparatively fireproof wood, and exceeds fire safety regulations, requiring no treatment, unlike many other woods. All Cedar arbors may be painted, stained, or left to weather to a natural gray as desired. It consists of a lightweight wood and therefore is quite easy to construct with. It does not shrink or warp, as do many woods normally used for other furniture and garden products.

It is also quite smooth, making it more comfortable than other woods, a good choice if you have an arbor with seating. Arbors are freestanding and easy to assemble. Because of their durability, your cedar arbor will last for many years.

Natural cedar arbors make beautiful touches for your lawn and garden. They can grace your garden’s entrance or a hedge, resembling picturesque statues. These curved structures are perfect for training climbing roses, ivy, bougainvillea and wisteria. They are ideal for decorating a dull path or hedgerow.

Arbors come in several styles. Other types of cedar other than the western red that can be used for arbors are eastern white and pacific yellow. Choose something which appeals to you and that goes with your garden. Standard arbors are made at a size of three or four feet or you can purchase a larger arbor with bigger dimensions. Remember to allow for garden equipment that may need to pass through when choosing the width of your cedar arbor.

Pagoda cedar arbors are also made of this durable wood, which is resistant to rot and insects. If you want to have an exotic, Oriental styled arbor, try adding a Shonji arbor. This Asian-style arbor can be used with red cedar love seats, which can create a romantic setting. One of the main things to think about when choosing a cedar arbor, is that it will create a natural focal point, so your arbor should be chosen not only to coordinate with the rest of your garden, but also to draw attention to the surrounding area.

Choose a cedar arbor that stands out, but also blends well with the rest of your garden furniture and trelliswork. To conclude, a cedar arbor in your garden will not only make it more attractive, but also add an eye-catching piece of furniture to complement any style.

For a selection of different arbor styles, please review our arbor and pergola photo gallery.



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