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Grape Arbors Are A Beautiful, Time-Honored Addition To Your Garden

Wood arbor with gate provides a nice entryway to this garden

Grape arbors have been used for centuries to provide beauty, form, and function. Arbors still have the same uses today and make a great addition to a modern garden. They provide shade, fruit, and style. The lush grapes, leaves, and canes growing around an arbor can be enjoyed for their appearance and the depth they add to any garden design.

The grapes can be picked to eat straight off the vine, or made into tasty and unique jellies, juices, or wines. The leaves and canes also provide shade and coverage in an outdoor sitting area.

Grapes like a lot of sun, so be sure to select an arbor site that gets plenty of consistent sunlight. Also, research types of grapes that grow best in your region. As a rule of thumb, however, there are two basic types of grapes. The European variety, like the Thompson seedless, tolerates the cold but requires a lot of sun and heat with a longer growing season. If you live in a climate that does not consistently receive lots of sun and heat, you might want to consider a Concord variety. This type has a short growing season and thrives in colder climates.

There are many types of arbors. Your selection depends on your use of the grape arbor and the type of grapes you decide to grow. You can use an arbor as an archway to mark an entrance to a garden, patio, or seating area. You can also construct an arbor to cover your patio. The grapevines will lace up the beams and arbor supports to create an airy patio covering that provides shade and filters light.

You can also construct an arbor as a garden trellis. In any case, choose an arbor that’s right for the type of grape you plan to grow. Arbors can be constructed using wood, galvanized steel, vinyl, copper, iron, and other materials – just make sure the material can stand up to weather and support the weight of the grapevine.

Care for your grape arbor can be a fun and rewarding project for your whole family. Each family member can take part in the watering, pruning, and harvesting of your grapes while enjoying the satisfying feeling of watching your grape arbor thrive. And what’s more, grapes grow well in many different climates and regions – just check to make sure the grapes you select fit the region in which you live.

Before I planted grapes I visited a local winery and found out what they were planting. I was able to pick up these vines from garden shop. If you have a good relationship with the local vineyard (buy a few bottles of wine), they might even give you clippings that you can plant and grow.

Care of grapes is flexible. Arbors can have a natural appearance where the vines grow randomly. A more natural vine will bring a casual element your garden. Very little care is involved and you will get a great deal of shade but less fruit. This is due to the fact that the more you prune a grape vine, the more fruit the vine will produce.

On the other hand, arbors with a more maintained appearance will have more orderly placement of vines and produce a greater crop of fruit. You control how the vine grows through pruning. Arbors with a more maintained appearance will introduce a more formal tone to your garden.

Now that you know how to select a grape and the types of grape arbors available, you can choose an arbor that will add style, character, and function to your outdoor living space.

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