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Common Sense Tips On Replacing A Shed Floor

Shed complete with a new floor, walls and roof

Replacing a shed floor is not an easy task to accomplish, although you can certainly make the task easier for yourself by following the laws of common sense.

Common sense is a funny thing, though, and it is sometimes not as obvious to us unless someone else points it out. Here are some common sense tips to keep in mind in order to make replacing the floor for your wood or garden shed. This will make the project a lot easier and enjoyable.

Do not repeat your mistake: While a lot of people replace their shed floor in order to get an upgrade, most people that are replacing the wood floor are doing it because of a problem with the floor they have now. Make sure you know exactly what caused your current problem before you make any changes to the floor or the rest of the structure.

For example it makes no sense to replace a floor with the same wood material if that particular material is susceptible to the problem that caused the floor to break in the first place. If your shed floor is relatively low to the ground in a spot that tends to stay damp, try using a different construction material or digging the ground out a bit before you ever get started.

In our first house I purposely placed the shed in an area that was the wettest part of the backyard. I didn't use this area and it was tucked behind some trees. But what I did do was put done some 1' by 1' concrete blocks and then 4' by 4' pressure treated boards. And then I built the floor on top of that platform. That ensure the floor was out off the ground and air could get to the bottom of the shed to dry it out.

Measure twice, cut once: If you are building a new floor from raw materials, checking your measurements is always a good idea. The measure-twice-and-cut-once tip is something that anyone who has watched a handyman show knows about, but you would be surprised at how few people actually follow that rule when it comes to their own projects.

The purpose of measuring twice is to make sure that you are precise in your measurements. If you are not precise in your measurements, then even the best cut in the world will not create the floor that you want.

Budget materials and labor accordingly: Labor costs are not really important when you yourself are the one who is doing the cutting and creation of the new floor, but you need to buy materials that are realistic considering the budget that you have.

It is a good idea to price out all of the materials before you start purchasing items and start construction. This is another area you want to measure before you cut. Nothing worse than having your friends or work party over and you need to run out to a local hardware store to get more parts or the wood you purchase is the wrong size. This is a bit embarrassing too...trust me I know this one first hand.

And if you are thinking of replacing your shed floor you might also be thinking about replacing your entire shed. This can give you more room and a better style that matches your house or backyard style.

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