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All About the Rubbermaid Storage Shed

Picture of a nice vinyl shed by DuramaxRubbermaid has been around for 75 years, all the while helping Americans with their home and gardening needs. One thing that they are known for is their vinyl sheds.

They also make a lot of other great products, but a lot of people know them for their sheds.

They were one or the original companies to make these kind of quality sheds and know they are a few more in this category.

Duramax is another company that makes vinyl storage sheds. So if you are looking for a vinyl shed it is a good idea to look around and see what else is available.

So what does Rubbermaid have up its sleeves as far as garden sheds go? And how does its line of sheds compare to other sheds on the market?

Rubbermaid specializes in producing small to medium-sized tool sheds, many of which are often freestanding and deep vertically. Basically, Rubbermaid's sheds comes in seven different shapes and sizes. They include small deck boxes, horizontal and vertical garden sheds, and tool sheds – the tallest Rubbermaid shed will be about six feet high ordinarily.

This means that if you're looking to store a more modest supply of gardening tools and the like, Rubbermaid might be a good brand for you. However, if you're storing items that are bigger than a lawn mower or motorcycle, perhaps you should move onto the next option.

If you do choose Rubbermaid, you can easily order your shed over the web and have it shipped to your door.

But perhaps you're looking for more substance to back these Rubbermaid sheds up. What are they made of? They are primarily plastic and vinyl, with resin or molded panels. This means they're very durable and long-lasting. And each garden shed comes with its own, sturdy floor, which is a major plus. While assembly, of course, is required, it's often very simple to construct a Rubbermaid tool or garden shed.

Beginning at about $35 and going all the way up to over $750, Rubbermaid garden sheds are reasonably priced. If you browse the Internet, however, you'll probably be able to find better deals.

The disadvantages to buying a vinyl shed is that you don't have as many options or room for customization as you would with other shed kits. Perhaps you want a pretty wooden storage shed, for example. Or perhaps you're looking for an outdoor storage shed that's a tad bit bigger or more accessible. In that case, you might want to invest in more heavy-duty storage that could require a little hands-on help from some experts to install.

But if you're looking to store away some patio chairs, tools, gardening or cleaning supplies, or even a lawn mower, a Rubbermaid tool shed might be just the right fit for you, your home, and your budget. And remember that while a Rubbermaid or Duramax shed costs about the same as other sheds in its league, you can often find really great bargains online.

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