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How To Build A Grape Arbor That Will Last

Wood arbor with trellis on side and top to train grapes

Do you want to add a grape arbor to your backyard where you and your family can enjoy many relaxing times together?

Then you need to know how to build a grape arbor that will provide a nice entry way and a place to grow your grapes.

When you are planning for your grape arbor you need to consider the weight of the plant, leaves and especially the right grapes. For the first few years there will not be a lot of grapes on your new vines, but as time goes on the vines will produce a bigger harvest each year.

So why do people like to add grape arbors to their gardens and yards?  Here are a few of the common reasons why people build grape arbors in their gardens and yards:

  1. They breakup your landscape and provide a focal point
  2. They can separate two parts of your yard by providing and entry way
  3. By adding a bench to your arbor you can create a nice place to enjoy the outdoors with your family
  4. And of course to provide a place to train your grape vines for a tasty treat from your garden

There are many different things that you will need to do in order to build the grape arbor exactly as you picture it. Below are the most important things that you will need to do to get the right arbor built for your home.

One: Determine where you grape arbor will be
Determine where the where the arbor will be placed and how big it will be. Always take time to figure this out before you purchase the plans or start building or you will end up with problems that you don’t need once you get started.

Two: Grape arbor plans
If you are going to build a grape arbor that is going to last you have to have plans that will help you achieve this goal. There are many different arbor plans available on the Internet, so take your time and pick the ones you want.

This may take some time but it is important to do because the plans will have all of the different wood sizes and other important information in it for building the grape arbor correctly.

Three: Get the area ready
Take time to prepare the area for placing the posts and for this you will need a post hole digger or a shovel. Dig the holes and do the measurements needed to ensure that everything is set up exactly as it should be so you can get things started easily without delay.

Make sure the posts are plumb and straight before the concrete sets. If the posts are crooked your arbor will be crooked.

Four: Gather building materials you will need
Your plans should provide a list of the materials you need. Just make sure you check it twice and have everything you need. It might even help to take your plans to your local lumber or hardware store when getting everything. 

Five: Determine the tools you need
This should be included on your plans or you should have a good idea of what you need based on the instructions. Just remember you don't need to buy all of the tools for this one project. You can rent or borrow some from friends.

I like to buy one or two new tools per project. Over time you will have a fully stocked shop and you are not spending all of your money on tools at one time.

Six: Choose your vines
Take time to look at the different grape vine options and consider what you want to do with the grapes. Do you want to eat them or make wine with them?

When I was looking for wine grapes for our arbor I visited a few local vineyards to understand what grapes were the best for our area. I was even lucky enough to get free grape vine clippings since they were trimming the vines the one time I was there.

Seven: Get started
Once you have done all of these things you are now ready to use the plans that you have chosen to get started building your grape arbor that will provide a great place for your family to gather. Just be sure to take your time so you know it will be done correctly from the start.

I hope this article helps you in building your grape arbor and good luck with the project.

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