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Glossary of Garden Buildings

This helpful little glossary of garden buildings, garden sheds, and storage buildings is based on information in the Art and Architecture Thesaurus provided by the Getty Research Institute. Enjoy!

Arbora light, open structure either formed from trees, shrubs, or vines closely planted and twined together to be self-supporting or formed from a latticework frame covered with plants. Arbors are generally less extensive and less substantial than "pergolas."

Barnan agricultural building with large, usually sliding doors, prominent roofs, and predominantly open spaces on the interior, primarily used as storage buildings for hay, grains, and farm equipment and shelters for livestock.

CabanaA small cabin, simple enclosure, or tentlike structure erected at beaches or swimming pools as bathhouses.

Carriage housea building  where a wheeled vehicle, especially a four-wheeled horse-drawn passenger vehicle is parked or housed.

Gardenhousean ornamental, usually open, garden structure used for dining, viewing, or relaxing.

Gazeboa small structure, usually roofed and open-sided, located in gardens or parks from which one may gaze out over the surrounding grounds.

Greenhousea structure enclosed by glass (or other transparent or translucent material), and devoted to the cultivation and protection of plants out of season or climate.

Garagea building or part of a building where motor vehicles are parked or housed, usually temporarily.

Paviliona part of a building that projects outward from the rest, or the detached or semidetached units into which a building is sometimes divided.

Pergolaa structure with open wood-framed roofs, often latticed and  supported by regularly spaced posts or columns, and covered by climbing plants such as vines or roses, shading a walk or passageway. Pergolas are distinguished from "arbors," which are less extensive in extent and structure.

Playhousea small house-like structure designed for children to play in.

Sheda small structure, either freestanding or attached to a larger structure, serving for storage or shelter.

Sunhouse or solariuma building or room designed to receive maximum sunlight.

Summerhousea structure of varying forms in gardens or parks designed to provide cool shady places of relaxation or retreats from summer heat.


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