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Storage shed plans  

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Clever storage shed plans make it easy to design and build your own backyard shed.

A simple storage shed is an endlessly useful thing; you can use it to store gardening tools and equipment, pool maintenance supplies and equipment, the kidsí skateboards and bikes, or just about anything you need to keep dry and protected from the elements.

Building a storage shed is also a great DIY project which anyone with a few simple carpentry skills and tools can complete in no time. Getting started is easy; all you need to do is find a suitable storage shed plan, and there are some great ones on this site.

Storage shed plans give you everything you need to plan and build your shed, including complete structural plans and diagrams, building instructions, lots of handy tips and advice, and a shopping list of materials you need to buy. Software shed plans are very flexible, easy-to-use and virtually error-proof, and youíll find them available to purchase from this site. If you want to get started today, you can download the shed plan program instantly, or if you prefer, you can have a CD copy shipped to you right away.

Before you begin building your storage shed.

Even if youíre only planning a reasonably small storage shed, itís important to check with your local planning authorities to see whether you need to apply for formal approval. Make sure you do this before you purchase materials. If it turns out that you do need approval, youíll need to submit the plans for your storage shed.

When youíre ready to go ahead and build your storage shed, make sure you read the guides and instructions that come with the plans very thoroughly. Go through them a couple of times, so that you fully understand the entire process before you pick up a hammer. Donít just read through the first part, then pick it up as you go. The shed plan software will allow you to print out all the plans and construction diagrams, so you can have them handy as you build the storage shed.


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Use storage shed plans to make your own garden shed