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Planning to Build a Shed or Shop?

You Need to Get Shed Design Software!

When you are building a storage or garden shed from scratch it's a good idea to have a design or plan on hand. Shed building plans will provide you with the details and information you need to ensure you have a successful project. You can purchase construction shed software and create your own storage shed plans.

Designing your own shed and shop building plans provides you with the flexibility to add or remove features and design the perfect building that fits your landscape and property. Features you might want to change or add include:

bulletLocation and quantity of doors
bulletLocation and quantity of windows
bulletLocation of a porch
bulletStyle of roof: hip or gable
bulletDo you want to have a ramp in front of a door or have stairs

With Design Software you can also modify the width, length and height of your shed to make sure you get all of your stuff inside. I recommend that you determine what you are using your new shed for and determine how much room you need. I would even go the extent of laying out every thing you want to get inside using one of the following methods:

bulletLay it out on graph paper, to scale
bulletUse a rope or garden hose to mark out your new storage space and then put everything where you think it should go. Then make sure you can get things in and out with no problems. Consider large items like: lawn mower, wheel barrow or large shop tools.
bulletUse the design software to layout your storage space and add and move all of your stuff.

Once you feel your shed or shop is large enough for your stuff, I would add on a few extra feet if you can. You need to think about:

bulletIs there enough room on your property for the new structure
bulletThe new building isn't so big that it looks out of place
bulletDoesn't infringe on local building code: too tall, too close to the property line, etc.

I have a friend who recently built a 22'x26' shop on his 1 acre property and it looks great. It would fit on my 1/3 of an acre property, but my neighbors and wife would freak out! Here's a picture of his shop under construction.

Our existing shed is about 8'x10' but we are planning on building a bigger shed in the back near the fence and it will be probably be 10'x12' feet. Which will look fine on our property.

If you are interested in shed plans, please check out these storage shed plans.

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